Thursday’s headlines

• Council derails OneCity transit plan [Toronto Sun]
• Karen Stintz’s OneCity plan goes ‘down in flames’ [National Post]
• City council set for transit debate as members back away from sweeping OneCity plan [National Post]
• City council derails Stintz subway plan [Globe & Mail]
• A Guide to the OneCity Transit Debate [Torontoist]
• Liveblog: Debating OneCity and the Future of Transit in Toronto [Torontoist]
• OneCity dead (for now): council votes not to consider Danforth subway extension to Sheppard [Openfile]
• OneCity derailed [NOW]
• OneCity: Toronto council buries TTC chair Karen Stintz’s transit plan [Toronto Star]

• No council leadership on transit file [Toronto Sun]
• Traffic Disruption During Eglinton LRT Construction Will be Pretty Bad [Torontoist]
• TTC explains the construction disruption on Queen Street in Youtube form [Openfile]
• When it comes to traffic congestion, we’re No. 9! (According to TomTom data) [Openfile]
• Walking the walk on Toronto’s Pedestrian Charter [NOW]
• Toronto Transit Commission riders fed up with transit tug-of-war [Toronto Star]
• Toronto drivers better off than Vancouver’s, two traffic surveys find [Toronto Star]

• Rob Ford frustrated as stores continue charging 5¢ fee after bag tax abolished [National Post]
•  Ford fixer makes a run for it [NOW]

• TDSB: ‘Too early’ to cut ties with union despite alleged overpricing [Globe & Mail]
• TDSB takes steps to rein in maintenance union’s pricey billing [Openfile]
• TDSB spending: Board tracks construction, maintenance workers using GPS [Toronto Star]

• Councillor sues Richmond Hill over ‘illegal’ bylaw on development meetings [National Post]
• Council Backs Riverdale Farm’s New Business Plan [Torontoist]
• Is the CEO of Toronto Hydro overpaid? Gloria Lindsay Luby thinks so [Openfile]
• Graphic Content: Green vs. green [The Grid]
• The new rules of (civic) engagement [The Grid]
• Toronto’s open-data Jedi departs [NOW]
• City council minutes: Province may save Toronto bedbug funding [Toronto Star]
• Mentally ill and their supporters rally during Mad Pride [Toronto Star]
• Shattered glass rains down from high rise in Distillery District [Toronto Star]



  1. Re: Rob Ford frustrated as stores continue charging 5¢ fee after bag tax abolished

    It is now a free market decision on whether a business chooses to charge for plastic bags or not. Why does Rob Ford hate the free market?

    Sorry, I forgot: conservatives and right wingers support the rights and freedoms of businesses to do whatever they want – so long as their motives are anti-environment. People like Ford are so ass-backwards that they cannot comprehend that environmentally sustainable choices can ALSO be good for business, the two are not always in competition with each other. Such concepts scare the Brothers Ford and their black and white outlook of the world.

  2. EDIT: Turns out Ford does believe that it is the store owner’s right to charge 5 cents if they wish. That will teach me to post before reading the article…

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