Instaflaneur: biking through the traffic

Not all exploration happens on foot. On Sunday I was in a car slowly getting out of the city centre to go for a Sunday drive in the inner and outer suburbs but the entire grid was clogged. There was no quick way out, we just crawled long until just about where the post-war city starts, then things started to move. I instagramed a screenshot of the google traffic map at the time (about 2pm on Sunday) and Spacing contributor Amy Lavender Harris suggested the roads that are red — clogged with traffic — are the best to bike along because that traffic is so slow. Apart from watching for doors and pedestrians darting through the cars, it may be a useful consideration when planning a crosstown bike ride at certain times.


  1. Slow traffic is nice, but riding through a traffic jam blows unless there’s a bike lane. It doubly blows when there are parked cars.

  2. I find gridlocked drivers much more aggressive and unpredictable. They have no room to give you space on streets without bike lanes, so they tend to zoom by whenever traffic opens up a little bit. It’s doubley worse on street car routes, drivers pent up by street car doors double the speed limit to squeeze by them.

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