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  1. Re: turf war

    For once, I am glad the group of right-leaning councilors knocked out councilor Vaughan. I’d be willing to bet most of the opposition of the turf come from people who do not set foot on the field, or maybe stroll along its edge at almost; and the strongest supporters are the folks who actually play on the field, not just intramural athletes, but just students and people in the area up for a pickup game now and then. I myself (UofT alumnus, an avid recreational soccer player who played quite a few games there) have generally given up playing on grass and stick with turf because it is so much safer. Yes, a well-maintained grass field is better than turf (ask those European profession soccer clubs), but do you know how much it costs to keep grass well-maintained while sustaining high-level of usage, again ask those European profession soccer clubs. You know, they spend big money, they’d never allow a bunch of students to start a pickup game any time they want, and still their fields were criticized as “potato fields” all the time. Now you think UofT can do a better job maintaining the grass better than those clubs?

    Shake it off, (old) floks, the field is not there for you to reflect on the good old time, it is for the students to run around, and turf is much better for that purpose. Given the design, you can still take your stroll along the edge, on real grass.

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