Taking a Picture with Queen Victoria

“Taking a Picture with Queen Victoria” Comparitive Then and Now The Queen Victoria monument outside of the Ontario... Read More

Politicking at Queen’s Park

“Politicking at Queen’s Park” Comparitive Then and Now Unidentified politicians chatting on the front steps of the... Read More

Spadina’s Fountain

Spadina’s Fountain Comparitive Then and Now Looking north on Spadina Ave from just north ofCollege St 1899 – 2010 Before... Read More

Recruitment at the Memorial

Recruitment at the Memorial Comparitive Then and Now WWI recruiting sign at the South African War Memorial – University Ave... Read More

Cabbing it to the Rossin

Cabbing it to the Rossin Comparitive Then and Now Looking east on King St., just west of York St. 1908 – 2010 Before and After... Read More

Cigars at Simcoe

Cigars at Simcoe Comparitive Then and Now South side of Queen Street West from Simcoe looking east towards University Ave. 1931... Read More

Guarding the Steps of Old City Hall

Guarding the Steps of Old City Hall Comparative Then and Now General Knox & Mayor Fredrick J. Conboy on steps of Old City Hall... Read More

Toronto’s Bank

Toronto’s Bank Comparitive Then and Now Bank of  Toronto, southwest corner King and Bay, 1919-2010 Before and After will appear... Read More

King East Beginnings

King East Beginnings Comparitive Then and Now  Looking east on King St. from Yonge St., 1915-2010 Before and After will appear each... Read More

Bank Run at Bathurst and Bloor

“Bank Run at Bathurst and Bloor” Comparitive Then and Now Southeast Corner or Bathurst and Bloor, 1923 – 2010 Before... Read More