TTC to introduce two-colour token to combat counterfeits

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. This coming Monday, the TTC will unveil a new token designed to combat the counterfeits that have... Read More

Public, Professionals, Gather this Weekend for GTA Transit Summit

Crossposted to Transit Toronto The Rocket Riders, the Sierra Club of Canada and the Ontario chapter of Transport 2000 have organized a... Read More

TTC Ponders 24 Hour Subway Service

TTC Commissioners directed TTC staff yesterday to investigate the possibility of operating subway service overnight instead of... Read More

Will the Real Rick Ducharme Please Stand Up?

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Subway Extension to East Mall Proposed

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Weston Residents Demand Improved Transit Vehicles, Route Change

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Ride a Peter Witt streetcar, September 3

The Toronto Transportation Society will be offering Torontonians one of the few opportunities to travel Toronto’s streets in a... Read More

Royson James Calls For Subway 401

Royson James, columnist for the Toronto Star, and potentially a decent candidate to be mayor one day, has taken the city, the GTA and... Read More

Freight Derailment Cripples GO Train Service

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. The Toronto Star is reporting that a freight derailment near Royal York Road has suspended all GO... Read More

Munro to Miller: Commit the City to New Streetcars Now

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. Last week, the Toronto Budget Advisory Committee voted down a proposal to purchase new streetcars... Read More