TTC wildcat strike again? Don’t. You. Dare.

CablePulse 24 has issued a highly speculative report suggesting that the City of Toronto may be preparing for another wildcat strike... Read More

New Subway Mock-Up Unveiled to the Public

Torontonians will get their first look at what may be the next generation of subway cars starting Tuesday, June 6. The Toronto Transit... Read More

Terrorist Plot Foiled; TTC NOT a Target

Thanks to careful undercover policework by Toronto Police Services and the RCMP, twelve men and five youths were arrested on terrorism... Read More

Why Not a Subway Fantasy (Updated)

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TTC Operating Normally

There were no picket lines and all workers reported to work as scheduled. TTC service is operating normally this morning, and should... Read More

It’s a Strike! (Update – Strike Over)

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. A wildcat strike has shut down TTC services this morning. Workers have walked off the job in an action... Read More

TTC Union Threatens Wildcat Strike (Updated)

The photograph on the left is courtesy of the photographer 416 Style and is used in accordance to its Creative Commons... Read More

Toronto’s Next Generation of Subway Cars: Preview to Appear in June; Public to Name Vehicles?

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. The general public will have an opportunity to preview the proposed configuration of the next... Read More

Federal Budget Introduces Transit Tax Credit

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. The first budget of the newly-elected Conservative government, introduced yesterday, contained enough... Read More

Feds Open Funding Floodgates for Transit

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. A much higher than expected surplus (as high as $13 billion, by some estimates) has allowed the... Read More