Mammoliti the Hypocrite (4/27/10 edition)

“Fascist” is not a word I throw around lightly. But it does tend to be the best one to describe Giorgio Mammoliti’s... Read More

City Hall set to erect new “KEEP OUT” sign

Dave Meslin leading City Idol contestants on a tour of City Hall’s second floor in May 2006.  Photo by HiMY SYeD. An A+ way to... Read More

A Kensington Lefty in King Rob Ford’s Court

Rob Ford’s climactic parade into the hall. As soon as I entered the Toronto Congress Centre, my friends pulled me into the... Read More

So much for the dream of a public space at Yonge and Bloor

First of all, please stop saying “very unique.” There are no varying degrees of uniqueness; something is either one of a... Read More


It probably says something that Rob Ford is being more restrained and thoughtful than even the Toronto Star these days.  Pressed by... Read More

He’s done this before, you know

A photo I took when we went through this ritual in mid-2008. Context! June 13, 2008.  A Friday.  I was covering City Hall for Eye... Read More

City seeking members for new Sign Variance Committee

As we have seen, allowing politicians to adjudicate on new billboard applications can be, well, problematic.  That’s why City... Read More

Short-turning towards Gomorrah

“Keep it clean,” says the advisory at the top of Trash Talk the TTC.  “Harassment or discrimination is not... Read More

Ex–lobbyist wants to be your source for election news

Just launched Monday, Toronto election news clearinghouse Toronto Election News is a splashy aggregator that aims to be the most... Read More