The long-lost chestnut trees of University Avenue

It’s hard to believe, but that is a photo of University Avenue in downtown Toronto. Today, this stretch of road is... Read More

On loving Toronto — memories of the Annex and discovering Scarborough

EDITORS NOTE: We’re pleased to publish this meditation on being from Toronto by Christina Wong. Christina recently got her PhD... Read More

Toronto’s greatest second baseman ever (isn’t who you think it is)

When you ask Google who the greatest second baseman of all-time was, a few names pop up. Rogers Hornsby is a popular pick, a star for... Read More

A bird’s-eye tour of the foot of Bathurst Street in the 1950s

This is what the foot of Bathurst Street looked like in the 1950s. It was a brand new intersection back then; this land didn’t even... Read More

How Toronto helped break up The Beatles

At first, no one believed it was really happening. It sounded too good to be true. The Toronto Rock ‘N’ Rock Revival Show... Read More

EVENT: Toronto’s First Post Office fundraiser pays tribute to “The Dumbells” March 6th

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Winterdream — a 1993 walk through Allan Gardens and Cawthra Park

Occasionally Toronto filmmaker James Leahy puts together some of the Super 8 footage he shot in Toronto from the late 1980s onwards... Read More

Down at Fraggle Rock… in Yorkville — The Muppets take Toronto

It all started in 1981 at the Hyde Park Hotel in London, England. Jim Henson was there with some of his writers and puppeteers. For... Read More

Toronto hearts Stalingrad — “adopting” the Soviet city during WWII

It was the summer of 1942 and things were looking good for Hitler. The Nazis had already swept across Europe; now they were pushing on... Read More