Release: Call for Submissions – Proposed Video Art Screen

Call for Submissions -Proposed Video Art Screen
Ontario, Canada
Deadline for Submissions: 11:59PM ET on September 30, 2011

Toronto-based Public Art Management provides curatorial, planning and public art project management services to private companies and public agencies in North America. This Call for Submissions is intended to launch an investigation into programming content for a proposed large-scale video screen to be constructed as part of a major Ontario development project.

The video screen will combine a variety of programming types, such as commercial advertising, sponsorships, content concerning regional and municipal cultural affairs, and a fine arts element. The purpose of this Call for Submissions is to investigate the arts programming that is available, such as but not limited to art films, video art, computer-generated and animated art, or other forms of new media. Please note that we are not looking for images of art to be shown in a slideshow. Also, the video screen will have no audio capabilities.

Deadline for submissions will be: 11:59PM ET on September 30, 2011

Kindly provide:

  • A brief description of your proposed work
  • Images or video of the work (links to Youtube or Vimeo, etc are acceptable)
  • Has this work been shown before? If so, where and when?
  • What is the format of the work? (film, digital video, projection, other)
  • What is the resolution of the work?
  • Required/Preferred technology is used to display work (type of screen and specs if possible)
  • Links to additional online support material

Online support material is recommended to include:

  • Your exhibition history, CV, and contact information
  • Samples of previously completed work (images, videos, etc)
  • Information about you and if applicable, your team/studio
  • Additional video/renderings of the proposed artwork

The artworks must reflect the best in contemporary art, with an emphasis on seeking artists working in new media.

The artwork must be suitable for viewing by a general audience in a public setting.

At this time we are seeking artists to submit images and resumes only. No detailed information about the site or the Project will be released at this time.


To be eligible for this program, applicants must be professional artists; that is, artists who are recognized as such by their peers, who have specialized training in the field, and who have a history of public exhibition (exhibitions in museums and public galleries). We are NOT seeking works offered for sale.

If artworks are selected for presentation, payment will be negotiated in accordance with standard exhibition fee rates.

All submissions must be sent electronically to:

Ben Mills:<>