March 13, 2012 Headlines

• Indian band thwarts Vancouver ground-breaking [Vancouver Courier]
• Ridge Theatre faces final curtain [Globe and Mail]
• All options being explored to save Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company [Globe and Mail]
• Vancouver’s housing affordability task force weighs in with recommendations  [Vancouver Sun]
• B.C. Education Ministry predicting fewer students next year in most school districts [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver Income Inequality Study Shows City Segregating Along Racial, Income Lines [Huffington Post]
• Brian Hutchinson: How the gas station was priced out of Canadian cities [National Post]

• Use of Public Transit Grew in 2011, Report Indicates [The New York Times]
• Out of reach: How sprawl jacks up the cost of ‘affordable’ housing [Grist]
• Boldface Buildings in the Cold Light of Now [The New York Times]
• Why the Rio Earth Summit Should Matter to Urbanists [Next American City]
• The Climate Plans That Aren’t Helping Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions [The Atlantic Cities]
• A big city needs more in the way of environmental emphasis [Crosscut]
• The Future That Is Now [Places: Design Observer]