Sim City: Waterfront

Spacington has gained a waterfront. Surprisingly, Spacington does in fact have a waterfront, and much like Toronto, we’ve endured little interaction with it. We have offices and homes next to the water, but have seen the type of little interaction most commonly seen between strangers sitting next each other on the TTC: not a peep, not a look; nothing. It’s two separate worlds next to one another, existing individually without knowing the other exists — or at least pretending the other doesn’t exist. Either way, we’ve fixed this problem and begun a waterfront to interact with, the type of space that Toronto’s waterfront will hopefully soon become.

We’ve added a marina to the waterfront, not only to allow access and usage of boats, but also because the feature creates a boardwalk,  restaurant, and space for seating, walking, and gazing at the forgotten water.  In addition, we’ve added commercial and residential properties right next to the marina to encourage use and continue a seamless connected landscape from the rest of the city to the water.

More restaurants, waterfront, and connection to the city.

For next week we are going to try and build a boardwalk to allow full use of the entire stretch of water and also connect new waterfront amenities to one another. We will also display a full aerial view of the completed waterfront.

For next week: What are some other features we can add to the waterfront? What are your favorite waterfront uses now?

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