April 25, 2012 Headlines

• Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition becomes HUB to bring cycling to “mainstream” [Straight]
• After Orcas, Bears, & Eagles, a Terracotta army invades the city [Vancouver Sun]
• Development Permit Board okays controversial Sequel 138 project [Globe and Mail]
• Council and park board to formally oppose pipeline expansion [Vancouver Sun]
• Thousands of aging rental apartments at risk for redevelopment [BC Local News]
• Burnaby-Douglas MP calls for national housing strategy [BC Local News]

• It was alive, it was dead and now Metrolinx is back to life, maybe [Globe and Mail]
• What Cities Can Learn From Toronto’s Green Roof Policy [The Atlantic Cities]
• PC win a victory for Alberta’s big cities: Edmonton Mayor [Edmonton Journal]
• Leaked images of proposed arena reveal a welcoming downtown beacon [Edmonton Journal]

• A desire named streetcar: Transit choices in Seattle [Crosscut]
• Turning traffic nightmare stadium into a transit dream [The Los Angeles Times]
• Transforming Nashville’s riverfront with from wasteland to urban oasis [inHabitat]
• Eye-opening stats on Seoul’s freeway removal [Better Cities & Towns]

• In Star Wars, cities are evil [Per Square Mile]