April 27, 2012 Headlines

• Emery Barnes Park finally and formally opens, along with other city happenings this weekend [Vancouver Courier]
• Vancouver app developers build a social network for bus riders [Globe and Mail]
• New West public process making tough decisions on master transportation plan [Vancouver Sun]
• The Drive’s Rio Theatre gets saved and goes wet [Open File]
• Plans moving ahead at Ladner waterfront [Vancouver Sun]

• Markham’s NHL bait: Will arena make bedroom community a city to rival Toronto?
[Toronto Star] [Globe and Mail]
• Rouge National Park on urban edge of Toronto gets good news
[Globe and Mail] [Open File]
• Pedestrian bridges – frills or investments? [Globe and Mail]

• Yes, There’s an ‘Urban Planning for Dummies’ Book [Atlantic Cities]
• Green urbanisation and inventing a clean economy of place [Guardian]
• Is Traffic Making Us Lonely? [Atlantic Cities]
• Lamenting the 60th anniversary of the Shopping Mall [Better Cities]