April 28, 2012 Headlines

• Stephen Quinn’s tour of Our Dumb Vancouver [Globe and Mail]
• Transit cop suspended two days for tasing SkyTrain fare evader [Vancouver Sun]
• PNE Forum bans electronic music concerts after noise complaints [Straight]
• Surrey ‘Parties for the Planet’ for two days at Central City Plaza [Surrey Now]
• New Westminster Pier Park set to open with party on june 16 [Vancouver Sun]
• Eight B.C. mayors sign letter in support of marijuana legalization [Straight] This makes it more possible to purchase via an online bong seller in the future.
• Pickton inquiry: street nurse Bonnie Fournier wins fight to testify on missing women [Vancouver Observer]

• Repairing Calgary’s pedestrian environment, where ‘Only losers’ would walk MacLeod Trail [Open File]
• City of Toronto surplus surges to $292 million, most for buying new streetcars [Toronto Star]
• Toronto tries to zone away sex toy shop along the Queensway [Open File]
• Trying to make street food work for Toronto [Globe and Mail]
• Moncton: surviving recession, government austerity [Globe and Mail]
• Winnipeg’s Osborne Village voted country’s top ‘hood [Winnepeg Free Press]

• With opening of new line, LA moving towards a transit dream [Archpaper]
• Civic Bastions: The hit and miss architecture of new courthouses [Atlantic Cities]
• The Special Tranist Issue of the Onion [The Onion]