Call for proposals from Artists for Fieldhouse Studio Residencies in Parks

Call for proposals from Artists for Fieldhouse Studio Residencies in Parks
Deadline for Proposals: July 9, 2012

The Fieldhouse Studio Residency Program – An artist studio residency pilot program sponsored by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

The Vancouver Park Board of Parks and Recreation is launching a call for proposals for a residency program which commences October 2012 and complete mid-January 2015. The current spaces available are distributed through the city at Elm, Falaise, Hadden, Strathcona and Slocan Parks (please go to ).

The program provides studio space for artists and artist collectives at no charge in exchange for community arts based engagement. for space and location details). This call is open to artists, artist collectives and arts organizations working in all artistic disciplines: writers, composers, visual artists, musicians, poets, choreographers, theatre artists, environmental, celebration, video, multi-disciplinary, performing artists and social intervention arts-making practices.

An open house of available field houses for this residency program will be held on Wednesday, June 20, from 4:00pm – 7:00pm. A Park Board Arts Programmer will be at each site to show the space and answer any questions you may have regarding the program. (Attendance is recommended but not required.)

The vision is to provide active studio spaces where creative endeavors ripple into the surrounding neighbourhoods through a variety of community arts based opportunities. The Fieldhouse Residencies will contribute to the growing vibrancy of their respective neighbourhoods, inspire participation and relationship building as art acts as a catalyst for individual engagement and community building.

Each residency encourages creative development of the artist/artist collective by providing a stable working environment at no cost. In exchange, the artist/ artist collective must provide creative participatory art engagement with and for community groups. In addition, the Fieldhouse Residencies aim to grow the form of participatory arts practice by connecting artists who work within or hold an interest in developing this field of practice.

The Fieldhouse Studio Residency aims to provide artist(s) with the following opportunities:

  • To pursue their current art making practices and to try new things outside of the constraints of studio cost.
  • To create community arts engagement opportunities for and with neighborhoods surrounding the parks.
  • To connect with other artists who also work in this field of practice with the aim to grow this form of participatory arts engaged practices.

This opportunity would best suit an artist or artist team with an established practice that includes imaginative social encounters with community members which engage, provoke, and grow participation in the arts. Artists interested in food security, environmental initiatives and explorations of the potential of field houses as arts spaces are encouraged to apply. Experience with administrating community arts engagement processes will also be an asset.

Please go to to download the call for proposals and to view info on the field house studio spaces.

All proposals must be received by 4:00 pm on July 9, 2012

If after reviewing the program information on the Park Board website at you still require further information please contact:

* Danita Noyes, Arts Programmer –

•  Cyndy Chwelos, Arts Programmer –