VPSN Lunch Meet starting July 5th!

The Vancouver Public Space Network is expanding the opportunities for outdoor eating in Vancouver this summer with Lunch Meet in the city’s Crosstown area.

Starting July 5th, Lunch Meet is a weekly lunchtime street event every Thursday in July from 11:30am-2pm.

“The event will take place a few times throughout the summer and will serve to celebrate the city’s culinary character and the pleasure of outdoor eating,” said Adam Vasilevich of the VPSN.

Lunch Meet brings a long-table dining experience to the urban outdoors. Instead of cars, a large table will be placed on a downtown street and participants will come together to share in a communal outdoor meal. The 300 block of Abbott Street will be transformed into a place for people, with a long table and music provided by local artists.

Grab a bite to eat from a local business or food carts, which will be offering lunch specials for the event, or bring your own lunch and meet a neighbour, friend or work colleague. The project is being done in partnership with Space2Place.

“The Gastown and Crosstown neighbourhoods are home to an interesting mix of businesses,” said Jeff Cutler of Space2Place. “Lunchmeet is a great opportunity to strengthen connections within this work community.”

The Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN) has received funding and operational support from the City of Vancouver though its Viva Vancouver program for this public space activation.


The VPSN is a grassroots collective that engages in advocacy, outreach and education on public space issues in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. This includes challenging the increase of advertising ‘creep’ in public places, promoting creative, community-friendly urban design, monitoring private security activities in the downtown core, fostering public dialogue and democratic debate, and devising creative ways to re-green the neglected corners, alleys and forgotten spaces of the city. We also like to devise ways to have fun in public space.

Space2Place is a creative company which, through design, transforms space into place. Their places embody a philosophy of strong simple design that responds to the environmental and cultural processes influencing each site. Space2Place’s philosophy is based on respect for clients, for the environment, and for the power of design.