July 11 2012 Headlines

• Don’t write Robson Street’s obituary just yet [Vancouver Sun]
• Yesterday an Urban Pasture popped up on Robson Street [Price Tags]
• Vancouver council agrees to look at extending seawalls on city waterways [Vancouver Sun]
• Might Vancouver actually ever get an indoor farmers market [VPSNblog]
• Vancouver may pull plug on funding for boutique streetcar system [Vancouver Sun]
• Space Cases life-and-times of Vancouver Specials [OpenFile]
• Vancouver council delays decision on Rogers Arena towers [Province]

• Victoria seriously looking at commuter rail for next year – “The Salish Express” [Times Colonist]
• 18 future bikeways for Calgary [OpenFile]
• How Federal sewer system overhaul will affect Canadian cities [OpenFile]
• Councillors to battle over Toronto’s OneCity Transit Plan [Star]
And how TTC chair Karen Stintz’s and her allies made that plan [Star]


• The US City the designed specifically to Bomb [io9]
• Old is new again, how Sydney terrace homes may be the future of housing density for Australia. [RegenNet]
• Heavy legal battle over the future of Bus Rapid Transit in India’s capital [New York Times]