Vancouver, Then and Now – available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Available as of July 19th, the app Vancouver, Then and Now offers a journey back in time in the city of Vancouver to iPhone and Android phone users. It allows mobile users to easily compare more than 150 old photographs from the city to recent ones, taken with the exact same shot angle. After the success of several ‘Then and Now’ apps including Paris and Montreal, Vancouver visitors and locals can now too travel back in time!
Just like for the other cities’ app, the user first defines a notification range from the home screen which then allows him to be automatically notified when getting close to an available “then and now” place. Thanks to the « Find » tab, the user can also locate the closest places, using the list, map or augmented reality views.  He can as well look directly for a specific place by using the search tool.
One of the main features for each “then and now” place allows to superpose the old photograph to the real view, using augmented reality. And it’s not only beautiful photographs, as for each place the user gets a brief historical comment or anecdote to learn more about the place’s evolution. The app content will evolve, as new spots will be added regularly to complete the app’s database.
“Vancouver is a city that has changed a lot, and keeps evolving. The idea behind the Then and Now comparisons is to capture these changes to make people aware of Vancouver’s heritage.  And it’s not only about the Downtown area: what’s great about this app is that you could be almost anywhere in the city and still have some then and now photos nearby” said Jeremy Hood, the creator of the app content who partnered with the MyCityBefore to create the app.
Vancouver, Then and Now is now available for 1.99 $ CAD in Canada and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available world-wide, in English, on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store. Other apps are under construction, the next one being for the city of Toronto.
Please visit for more Vancouver, Then and Now information, including videos and screenshots of the app.