January 24, 2013 Headlines

• Emily Carr University on the move from Granville Island [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver puts brakes on ‘scramble’ intersection [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver’s mayor wants politicians to voice position on regional police force [Vancouver Courier]
• Tyee Launches Crash Course in Climate Change [The Tyee]
• Surrey casino decision continues to generate fallout, with BC Lottery Corp CEO clearly feeling betrayed [State of Vancouver]
• Coquitlam: An Emerging Post-Motordom Centre – 2 [Price Tags]
• Vancouver best in Canada when it comes to walking [Vancouver Sun]

• Glass Farm [OpenBuidings]
• As good and important as it is, LEED can be so embarrassing [NRDC Switchboard]
• Downtown L.A.’s edgy arts district is neighborhood in transition [The Los Angeles Times]
• Data Says Inclusionary Housing Does Foster Economic Integration [Shelterforce Online]
• Could These Crazy Intersections Make Us Safer? [The Atlantic Cities]
• Snaps from space: Bleak landscapes become abstract art [New Scientist]