Neighbourhood Watch

A weekly roundup of noteworthy news in municipalities across B.C.

City of North Vancouver council approved the rezoning and renovation of an industrial building at 246 East First St. Monday night, but it was the unique parking challenges – and solutions – that dominated most of the discussion. The renovated building will be the first one on the North Shore to include a mechanically elevated, double-decker parking system and the developer will install new on-street angle parking.

Rossland may soon be allowing dogs downtown, as council asked city administration, on Monday, to put together an amendment to the Animal Control Bylaw that will allow dogs to be brought downtown. The committee recommended that the bylaw also be amended to prohibit dogs from being tied up downtown.

Prince George residents have given the current city council a failing grade. In a online poll conducted by the Prince George Free Press, 41 per cent of respondents rated the overall performance of city council as poor, and 25.4 per cent listed the performance as below average.

Laity Street to 216th Street along Lougheed Highway [in Maple Ridge] is a section of road that has always been difficult for cyclists. But, not for much longer. By the end of summer the 600 metres between the two intersections will be connected by a dedicated multi-use bike lane.

Municipalities on the [Saanich] Peninsula are being asked to implement regional deer management strategies to keep increasing numbers of the animals away from crops.  The Capital Regional District is taking its proposed deer management strategy to the districts of Central and North Saanich, as well as the District of Saanich. The CRD is seeking implementation of ways to control what is seen as increasing numbers of deer in the south Island. Already, differences in what each municipality will allow are becoming evident.

A selected image from the Spacing Vancouver Flickr pool. Image courtesy of waferboard