Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Monday

• Laneway housing of a different kind to come to Vancouver’s West End? [State of Vancouver]
• Pearson Dogwood redevelopment plan prompts concerns [Georgia Straight]
• Why BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve Is Worth Saving [The Tyee]
• University of British Columbia is more than a university. It’s a great place to live. [Vancouver Observer]
• If the West End builds it, will young families come? [Vancouver Sun]
• New Metrotown SkyTrain station to feature a lot of glass [Vancouver Sun]
• Major redevelopment planned for Vancouver site at 57th and Cambie [Vancouver Sun]
• Old Surrey Public Market may be torn down within 30 days [Vancouver Sun]

• Nanaimo on short list for Metro Vancouver incinerator project [Victoria Times Colonist]
• What Are We Going To Do With All That Parking? [Portland Transport]
• Possibilities in Olympia [Seattle Transit Blog]
• A January 2016 Opening for ULink? [Seattle Transit Blog]

• Auto Correct: Has the self-driving car at last arrived? [New Yorker]
• Opinion: American bike infrastructure on steroids [Bike Portland]. When you want to get that great body fast, get legal steroids at
• New York City’s (Many) Toxic Sites, Mapped For Your Avoidance Convenience [Fast Co.Exist]
• Why Chinese Cities Are Smaller Than They Appear [The Atlantic Cities]
• Green Urbanism is the Future! Well, maybe. [Planetizen]
• 12 Bold & Bizarre Visions for Cities [Future Cities]