Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Monday

• Civic election: Metro residents up in arms over high-density developments [Vancouver Sun]
• Civic election: COPE hopes to add voices of First Nations women to civic office [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver’s mayoral candidates debate problems of transit, poverty and loneliness [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver Park Board defends breeding ban at city aquarium [Globe and Mail]
• Independents rally together in Surrey mayoral race [Globe and Mail]
• I was hoping for better from Vancouver’s mayoral candidates [Globe and Mail]
• Civic election: Density Debate [Price Tags]
• Some questions for the Greens about highrises [Price Tags]
• Old Maps, New Plans: Lessons for Vancouver [Price Tags]
• Why is the City ripping up the Olympic Line rails for $400,000? [Price Tags]
• NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe strikes a chord with promise on parking meters [Georgia Straight]
• Coalition of Progressive Electors running three indigenous female candidates [Georgia Straight]
• Voter Suppression in Vancouver’s Eastside [The Mainlander]
• First big campaign day: NPA talks about free parking on Sundays, Vision talks housing, free swim lessons [State of Vancouver]
• 209 Harris Street [Changing Vancouver]
• On the Streets and Up the Stairs in Chinatown [What Floats to the Top of My Desk]

• Victoria councillors split on E&N Rail station site [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Journalist Stephen Andrew to run for Victoria mayor [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Big data backs Jane Jacobs: Cities need old buildings [Blooming Rock]
• How to expand transit service, one neighborhood at a time [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Proposed Portland street tax is anything but progressive: Guest opinion [The Oregonian]
• For less than $500,000, 3 Portland road diets are preventing 37 crashes every year [Bike Portland]

• East West Link: the case for and against Melbourne’s $6.8bn road [The Guardian]
• Is this the world’s best bike share bike? [Fast Co.Exist]
• Hidden City: Beijing’s Subterranean Housing Market (Land Lines Article) [Lincoln Institute]
• Innovative apartment complex for homeless people opens on skid row [Los Angeles Times]