Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Tuesday

• Vancouver must be reprioritize housing for the homeless, experts say [Globe and Mail]
• Coquitlam looks at affordable housing [Coquitlam Now]
• 881 Granville Street [Changing Vancouver]

• Seattle Launches Bike Share While Portland Spins Its Wheels [OPB]
• Bike share rolls onto Seattle streets [Crosscut]
• Portland street fee turned income tax: What share of the cost would fall on you? (infographic) [The Oregonian]
• New maps show which streets would be improved by proposed income tax [Bike Portland]
• Can A Bike Be Designed For A Specific City? This One Is [Fast Co.Exist]

• The Danes Wheel Out Their Bikes as Cars are Eliminated [New Yorker]
• Why 12-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Disastrous for Safety and Must Be Replaced Now [City Lab]
• Latvian bicyclists’ brilliant demonstration of how bikes reduce traffic jams [Vox]
• Nantes: A City Getting it Right [Copenhagenize]
• A Plan to Turn a Queens Railway Into a Park [New York Times]
• City of the (Near) Future [Wall Street Journal]