Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Monday

• Three Vancouver SROs win prize for worst living conditions [Vancouver Sun]
• 75% of Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods too costly for average family: Sun database [Vancouver Sun]
• Residents want more input in transfer of BC Housing ownership to non-profits [Vancouver Sun]
• Massive property transfer planned from BC Housing to non-profit agencies [Vancouver Sun]
• Pete McMartin: Unaffordable housing: Can we please move on? [Vancouver Sun]
• Future of Metro Vancouver waste-to-energy facility in doubt after regional waste bylaw rejected [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver residents speak out against homeless shelter [Globe and Mail]
• Province denies Metro Vancouver’s proposed garbage shipment ban [Globe and Mail]
• Who’s buying property in the Lower Mainland? Amazingly, people under 30 [State of Vancouver]
• Talking Population Forecasting Blues [South Fraser Blog]
• What is the busiest bus route in North America? [Price Tags]
• Past and Present: The Impact of Cycling on Transit [Price Tags]
• Marc Lee: Density, condos and housing affordability [Price Tags]
• Let’s play the TransLink No-Win Game [Price Tags]
• Developers step up to pay for transit stations [Busines in Vancouver]
• Oppenheimer Park drama ends with a bit of a fizzle, saving oodles of money [Georgia Straight]

• Greater Victoria bus driver defies policy on announcing stops [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Les Leyne: LNG bonanza can become burden in Prince Rupert [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Comment of the Week: The decline of ageism in biking [Portland Bike Blog]
• Homeless Outreach in Volumes: Books by Bike for ‘Outside’ People in Oregon [New York Times]

• Remembering the ‘White City’ [Planetizen]
• Is Urban Revitalization Without Gentrification Possible? [The Dirt]
• Large Metros Have Generated the Lion’s Share of Employment Since the Great Recession [City Lab]
• What We Can Learn from a Dutch Bike Traffic Jam [City Lab]