Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Thursday

• Metro Vancouver voters ready for change, new poll finds [Vancouver Sun]
• Metro Vancouver mayoral races look like a toss up [Vancouver Sun]
• Pete McMartin: Kensington-Cedar Cottage: Where dense doesn’t mean stupid [Vancouver Sun]
• NPA mayoral candidate proposes counterflow lanes on clogged Vancouver arterials [Vancouver Sun]
• Doug McCallum continues to lead in Surrey mayor race: poll [Vancouver Sun]
• Some residents near Granville Bridge surprised, dismayed by city decision to open shelter, hotel for homeless [State of Vancouver]
• Province has a Friday surprise for Metro Van: Turns down bylaw on garbage-shipping ban, announces review [Vancouver Sun]
• Subways focus of heated Vancouver mayoral debate [Globe and Mail]
• New Westminster, Surrey join case against coal-exporting facility [Globe and Mail]
• LaPointe pitches counter-flow traffic lanes during rush hours [Globe and Mail]
• Victory for some Delta, B.C. residents as proposal for radio towers rejected [Globe and Mail]
• Trick Question: How fast has traffic been growing on the Lions Gate Bridge? [Price Tags]
• NPA Platform: A Question for Kirk [Price Tags]
• Choose One: Millennials can/can’t afford housing in Vancouver [Price Tags]
• Customers in West Vancouver can expect onboard announcements [Buzzer Blog]
• Kirk LaPointe and Gregor Robertson refuse to disclose campaign contributions before election [Georgia Straight]
• Stamps Place social-housing tenants face an uncertain future [Georgia Straight]
• NPA mayoral hopeful Kirk LaPointe outlines plans for marijuana dispensaries [Georgia Straight]
• Surrey residents continue to block the construction of a winter homeless shelter [Georgia Straight]
• Four-term New Westminster mayor Wayne Wright calls himself the underdog [Georgia Straight]
• Report focuses on tax gap between residents and small business owners [Georgia Straight]
• Vancouver parties float transit proposals [Georgia Straight]
• COPE mayoral candidate Meena Wong seen as “wildcard” in Vancouver election [Georgia Straight]
• NPA reveals right wing inclination in latest news release citing Fraser Institute report [Georgia Straight]

• City Hall tension: Mayor’s ‘underspending’ budget plan causes friction with Council [Crosscut]
• Bike Sharing, Social Justice, and Urban Villages [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Here’s One Way Earthquake-Prone Cities Are Thinking Ahead [City Lab]

• Why our housing ‘spending vigour’ worries Bank of Canada: Mayers [Toronto Star]

• This Pedestrian Bridge Folds Up Like A Fan When A Boat Needs To Sail Under [Fast Co.Exist]
• As Asian Cities Grow, so Do Public Health Concerns [City Lab]
• Park Fifth development to fill in missing piece in downtown L.A. [Los Angeles Times]
• New cold war: the Geneva fallout bunkers doubling as homeless shelters [The Guardian]