RELEASE: CanU releases rare Open Letter of Support for Vancouver Mayors Transit Plan & Plebiscite “Yes” Vote

Metro Vancouver residents will shortly begin voting in a Plebiscite on a new Transportation and Transit Plan proposed by The Mayor’s Council.

The Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) is proud to add its voice to the unprecedented coalition of over 100 groups and organizations of all stripes, supporting a “Yes” vote. A “Yes” means Metro Vancouver will improve significantly in mobility, and will continue to grow in ways that provide successful, sustainable and responsible choices and options for future generations and for the future economy. The negative consequences of a no vote would be tremendous for the local Region and Province, and would also be significant for regions across Canada struggling to develop sound plans for funding much-needed public transit investment.

It is rare for CanU to take positions on local issues in city-building, however the Plebiscite is an unusual example of a powerful moment facing a particular city-region that also has significant implications for other city-regions across Canada.

“Either way, a Yes or No vote will represent a historic turning point for Metro Vancouver. A Yes means investment in smart mobility, more choices, and better sustainability, economic success, social equity, affordability and public health. A no means fewer choices and more congestion for everyone. Every Canadian city is struggling with similar questions and, like always, is watching Metro Vancouver for inspiration.”
-Brent Toderian, President of the Council for Canadian Urbanism, former Vancouver Chief Planner

The Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) is a national non-profit information and advocacy group, founded by and including many of Canada’s leading urban experts, from the fields of city planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, transportation, community development and related disciplines.

Download the full letter here.