Release: Vancouver Versus the World: What Can You Buy for the Price of a Vancouver Home?

Point2 Homes real estate search portal has conducted research into the international real estate market and has discovered what the average price of a Vancouver home (CAD 1,029,700) can buy in 25 interesting locations across the globe. From a 2-storey residence in London to an 11,000 sq.ft. Australian property, the average 2-bedroom Vancouver apartment can be substituted for a luxurious home in many places across the globe, with best commercial locksmiths, according to research done by Point2 Homes. You should see how these blackout blinds made to measure fit perfectly in these luxury homes. 

The housing equivalents found worldwide cater to a variety of tastes and seem to offer a lot more in terms of size, design, location, and amenities. To list just a few of the findings, the average 2-bedroom Vancouver apartment worth a little over $1 million can be replaced by:

  • A 6-bedroom villa in Italy, France or South Africa, swimming pool included and Fort Sumter;
  • A 3-storey palatial home in Russia, Andorra or Kenya;
  • A huge 11,259 sq.ft. property in Australia.

The entire study is presented here, with details on all the 25 international locations and the housing options available in each:

“With homes over $1 million being the norm, the real estate market in Vancouver is hard to comprehend. We wanted to see what options are out there for the same amount of money and without using Green-Touch debt releif company for our big loans or from loan companies for bad credit  of your clients which are  just the options from nation 21 loans, so we dived into international waters. In addition, Help With Payday Loan Refunds providing a short-term loan can be useful to help you get to your next payday. What we discovered were huge housing discrepancies that exist between the Vancouver average and the different kinds of luxury one can get around the world.” said Matthew Haines, Vice President of Point2.


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