Brian Gould is a transportation planner, urbanist, advocate, and recent graduate of the Master of City Planning program at UC Berkeley.

NPA’s Anton: Streetcar Yes, Bike Lanes No

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Picnurbia/VIVA Vancouver

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Funding SkyTrain’s Next 25 Years

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Vancouver’s Dunsmuir and Hornby Separated Bike Lanes

Note: if the “HD” button hasn’t defaulted to orange, you’ll need to click to turn it on. It’s worth it... Read More

Vancouver’s Hornby and Dunsmuir Separated Bike Lanes: Ridership Climbing, Business and Auto Impacts Negligible

[Ed: A video montage of the lanes is also available -bg] Several bike lane related reports and surveys will hit council on Thursday... Read More

Origami City: Transportation 2040 planning to bring Vancouver closer together

When Spacing made its formal debut in Vancouver this June, the city’s new urban generation was able to make good use of the bar... Read More

The Viaducts: Past, Present and Future – Part 2

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The Viaducts: Past, Present and Future – Part 3

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Serving Surrey: Rapid Transit South of the Fraser

Following a similar format to the UBC Line study for the Broadway corridor in Vancouver, TransLink’s public consultation focus... Read More