I am a local photographer from Vancouver, BC. Currently working on a start up business with my girlfriend specifically for local, affordable photography.

I first started photography when I was in high school, primarily as a means of escape from the daily life of high school politics and bickering. As I got older I learned that it was a great aid to my anxiety disorder that I have suffered with since I was little, and that I wasn’t too bad at it either.

All I have ever craved from my photography, is simplicity. Not to say simplicity in quality, but simplicity in concept. For a long period of my life I felt that daily life needed escape. I realized that a lot of people simply cannot escape, whether from their stresses, their responsibilities or even just themselves.

I thought about all of those people, and myself, and decided that what I wanted to do with my photography, my mission statement if you will, was to give people that sense of escape. To show them images and scenes that evoke emotions that perhaps they don’t experience on an average day but wish they could. To give them a sense of calm, a sense of peace, or even a reminder that they aren’t alone in the big world that can wear them down on a daily basis.

Simplicity and escape, it’s what everyone needs but don’t always have and I have made it my goal in life to provide it to them through my photography.

My website: www.zacharysenko.com

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