Park(ING) Day 2013 in Vancouver

It’s international Park(ing) Day around the world. September 20th is a day where artists, designers and citizens formally and... Read More

Earthwalks Vancouver 2013—June and July 2013

Back by popular demand!  False Creek Watershed Society has partnered with Village Vancouver to offer a series of “Earth Walks”. We... Read More

Vancouver Heritage Foundation: Places That Matter- The Stumps at Maple Grove Park

Invitation to Places That Matter at Celtic Cannery, Southlands

Invitation to Places That Matter Plaque Presentation at Gibby’s Field!

Video Vancouver: Urban Air

Urban Air is a wifi enabled green billboard that replaces advertising with living bamboo, water and climate monitoring technology. Read More

Invitation to Places That Matter’s China Creek Cycle Track Celebration

Malcolm Bromley & Constance Barnes Interview – Part 4

Spacing Vancouver Editor Erick Villagomez and contributors Brendan Hurley and Yuri Artibise continue their lively discussion with... Read More