Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Friday

LOCAL • Activists decry lack of affordable rooms in Vancouver [Globe and Mail] • Defection poses challenge to mayor [Globe and Mail] ... Read More

Rewilding a City

As a relatively young, modern city nestled between the North Shore mountains and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, it is not hard to... Read More

Conserving Heritage through Re-imagining of Space

In the conservation tool kit, heritage enthusiasts have several methods to support the preservation of historic spaces. Preserving... Read More

Jericho Beach: 1860′s onward

The Jericho Beach area has had a full history over the past century and a half, few traces of which remain today. Named for its lumber... Read More

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Tuesday

LOCAL • Province softens stance on timing of transit referendum [Globe and Mail] • Vancouver agents, builders greet signs of a rebound... Read More

Q & A with Julien Thomas, Mastermind behind the Commercial Drive Parklet

Last week Spacing wrote about a new public space project to land on Commercial Drive in 2014. The project titled Commercial Drive... Read More

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Wednesday

LOCAL • Vancouver non-profits caught in rent squeeze [Globe and Mail] • Delta asks for Terminal 2 environmental review [Globe and... Read More

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Tuesday

LOCAL • This Week: Images of Pittsburgh – 1 [Price Tags] • Mayor plans trade mission to Far East, even though UBC study suggests these... Read More

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Friday

LOCAL • Generation Rent: The Secret to a Great Rental Home [The Tyee] • Developing a homeless transit plan for Vancouver [Vancouver... Read More

Housing meets the Sharing Economy – NEXT TUESDAY!

The Laboratory of Housing Alternatives (LOHA) is hosting a storytelling night on Housing and the Sharing Economy. Don’t miss out... Read More