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From the Vaults: Halifax Movie Theatres

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The Nova Scotia Archives is pleased to share photos showcasing the changing faces of urban centers in Nova Scotia. You can learn more about the archives and explore thousands of photos, textual records, maps, art, and more on their website.

Vogue Theatre
The Vogue Theatre, Gottingen Street ca. 1957
“Now Playing”: Jury Room Drama – 12 Angry Men
Opened 1948, Closed 1970

Oxford Theatre

Oxford Theatre
The Oxford Theatre, Quinpool Rd. ca. 1957 and 1961
“Now Playing”: Boy on a Dolphin and The Quiet Gun, The Children’s Hour
Opened ca. 1937. Only single screen theatre currently operating in Halifax.
Seating: 680

Paramount Theatre
The Paramount Theatre, Barrington St., ca. 1955
“Now Playing”: Pete Kelly’s Blues
Opened ca. 1935, Closed 1988
Seating: 1166

Orpheus Theatre

Orpheus Theatre
The Orpheus Theatre, Barrington St, ca. 1941
“Now Playing”: Lon Chaney Jr. in Man Made Monster
Opened ca. 1935, Closed 1945
Seating: 879

The Capitol Theatre (Barrington St & Spring Garden Rd) was previously blogged about here.

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  1. “Now Playing”: Pete Kelly’s Blues – The irony of that film playing at the Paramount on Barrington Street is too sweet. 

  2. Interesting how Quinpool looks more-or-less the same 50 years later, but Barrington is completely different (although still full of buses).

    Also, looks like it was ‘military’ night at the Orpheus – but I guess in 1941 *every* night was probably ‘military’ night.