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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

On the Road: Minimum Standards, Part II

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Albertan cities are often criticized for their large presence of poor-quality architecture (post-1980s) that you would not normally see in some Canadian cities. To aid the discussion on the state of urban design in Edmonton, the editor has produced photosets from Montreal (Part I) and Winnipeg (Part II) to document typically low and some high quality residential buildings found in both fascinating cities.

New or old, Winnipeg is architecturally rich. The large stock of old brick apartments have set the initial bar and standards for new multi-residential developments. Furthermore, the presence of a prominent architecture school and several design firms has influenced public perceptions on urban design.

This past decade, the city has seen a boom in inner-city redevelopment, quality architecture and high expectations.  However, there has been some struggle to achieve the best results.

Still, confidence seems to be the local buzzword these days.

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