Time Lapse: Sunset Over Rogers Place Arena

The Edmonton Oilers played their final game at Rexall Place this past April ending 42 years of hockey history. The home team will... Read More

Brutalism’s Renaissance?

Brutalism took centre stage a few days ago in Edmonton with a visit by professor Robert Bruegmann from the University of Illinois at... Read More

Architorture: The Glass Box

Drawing by David Holdsworth. Read More

Designing through a Cultural Discourse: in Conversation with Douglas Cardinal

A few weeks ago I had the greatest pleasure of sharing a conversation with one of Canada’s most well- known architects, Douglas... Read More

Edmonton’s Got a Fever

Tall buildings are all the rage in Edmonton these days. It seems the flood gates have opened on a new tall building frenzy, the likes... Read More

A City of Design

Author’s note: I am mixed on the proposed redesign of the Stanley Milner. I believe that there are improvements demonstrated in... Read More

Prairie Urbanism: Modernism

Graphic Illustration by Jeff Robson. Read More

The Paramount Importance of Spring Cleaning

Spring is here at last! The season of rebirth, renewal, and… demolition? Yes. It seems that, here in Edmonton, spring has not... Read More

Tomb for the Living

Exerpt from Connect2Edmonton by thirdstone inc (site design/concept lead for the Muttart’s plaza and courtyard addition)... Read More