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EVENT Sept 18: PARK(ing) Day

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Park(ing) Day Edmonton 2014. Photo by Tom Young

WHAT: Come join us in the transformation of parking stalls into temporary public spaces on Edmonton’s Second Annual PARK(ing) Day!
WHEN: Friday, September 18th. 12-6PM
WHERE: Parklets hosted by the Drawing Room: Intersection of 97 (Namêw) Street and Okisikow Way (101a Avenue); Isaak Kornelsen Memorial Parklet: 10844 Whyte Ave (for more information on the memorial, click here)

PARK(ing) Day will take place again on Okisikow Way (101a Avenue), Cree for “Spirit Woman”, and it has also expanded to 97 (Namêw) Street. We bring attention to Okisikow, whose street name was granted in 2011 to raise awareness of the Angel Street Initiative from Iqaluit. The name honours all women who have experienced violence while providing a more positive and hopeful image for women and children as it leads towards the women’s emergency centre.

Organizers aim to empower people to co-create safe, inspiring and inclusive urban places in the Boyle Street neighbourhood. This year, we hope to catalyze conversation at the intersection of geography and culture while strengthening a shared sense of belonging to this place. Participants were asked, “How might public spaces better accommodate and celebrate the diverse people that live here?” Participants embraced the challenge by submitting proposals that engage passersby, get creative with urban design, and celebrate diversity.

This event is presented by The Drawing Room in partnership with CITYlab and City Region Studies Centre. For more information go to