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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

  • Nature always wins out

    I’m an arborist. If you don’t know what that is you are not aloneā€“it’s not even listed in my spellcheck. It’s someone who cares...

  • The bewitching city

    Some things that have made me love Toronto in the past few weeks: The City Beautification Ensemble spray painting dull bicycle posts with pretty colours...

  • Forest amongst the buildings

    Native oak and birch trees shade out the harsh noonday sun. Squirrels forage for acorns amongst the serviceberry bushes and wildflowers. The sound of...

  • The Missing Plaque Porject

    If you took a stroll past the lamp posts and utility poles around Nathan Phillips Square this fall, you might have discovered a little known piece of...

  • The fight to poster

    Toronto City Council is trying to enact a by-law that would drastically limit postering in Toronto. Public pressure forced a re-examination of the...