Le goût de Montréal // Bouffe de rue : pour une approche systémique | Partie 2 – Plaidoyer et appel à tous

Vous n’avez pas lu la première partie de ce texte ? Cliquez ici. Vous y trouverez le contexte général de la cuisine de rue, autant... Read More

Le goût de Montréal // Bouffe de rue : pour une approche systémique | Partie 1 – Contexte et « adversaires »

Fish and chips, satay, curry, Laksa, Mee rebus, burritos, marrons chauds, poutine; tous des plats que j’aimerais bien déguster dans... Read More

My First Time

I am not ready for a career in politics. Not that I was ever planning one; but after attending my borough’s council meeting for the... Read More

Boundaries or Barriers for Petite-Patrie-Mile-End?

Last summer I moved from NDG to Petite Patrie and, for the fist time, I began to move through the city primarily in a North-South axis... Read More

Opposition showdown in Rosemont on the horizon

Vieux-Rosemont council district. Last week Vieux-Rosemont city councillor Pierre Lampron resigned, citing personal reasons. Having... Read More

Mind the Marsh (Or how the CN-MTQ dispute may alter the future of the Turcot Interchange)

The buried Otter Lake occupied a good deal of the present-day Turcot Yards (courtesy of Walking Turcot Yards)  The Ministry of... Read More

Battleground Montreal, round two

The provincial electoral map of the Montreal region. Last spring during the federal election I wrote an article about the possibility... Read More

Meet Liza Frulla, Mayoress-in-the-Making

The rumor has been circulating for a while among the city’s politicos, and since there’s been no denial on her part, we... Read More