Cyclist evades death after being struck by delivery truck on St. Laurent

Photo: Patrick Sanfaçon, La Presse This morning, around 9am, a 22-year old woman was pulled under a delivery truck and tangled up in... Read More

Highways, health and the economy: Political winds on the Turcot may be changing

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Turcot activists to Charest: Be coherent!

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St-Henri residents take their candidates for a walk

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Dimanche démocratique : Montréal est en action

« Au lieu de donner à un politicien les clefs de la ville, on ferait mieux de changer les serrures. » – Doug Larson I smell an... Read More

The Turcot is going to heat up

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Bikes and buses in traffic: What can Montreal learn from other cities?

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Discontent over the Turcot grows stronger (and more political)

Source: MTQ Sitting in the over-heated community centre in St. Henri, hearing one presenter after another condemn the Turcot project... Read More

Parking Lot Turned Garden on Duluth

If you’ve walked on Duluth near rue Coloniale recently, you’ve probably noticed a charming change in the neighbourhood. A local... Read More

Bixi on iPhone now (officially) available

There has been an interesting controversy brewing about the use of a user-created application for iPhones and Blackberries to track... Read More