New bike infrastructure arrives in Montreal

This summer has seen the arrival of two new types of biking infrastructure in Montreal: bike boxes on Milton and a hybrid bike... Read More

Le MTQ peut-il s’inspirer de la gestion des entraves dans le Quartier des spectacles?

Le projet du Quartier des spectacles jouit d’une très grande visibilité, ce qui fait sorte que le moindre problème de gestion... Read More

La puck de Berri comme repère géographique évocateur pour les jeunes montréalais

Ce billet est une contribution spéciale de Jean Desjardins, résident de Villeray, historien et enseignant d’histoire et... Read More

How Did Tramways Make it Through Montreal’s Winters?

Over on Metropolitan News, Andy Riga recently recently put a spotlight on the debate about how tramways would fare the harsh Montreal... Read More

Active Transportation on the Rise Across the Region

Image:  There sure do seem to be a lot more bikes on the road than there were 7 years ago…at least on the corner of Berri and... Read More

PODCAST: Saving BIXI, Bronson Avenue, and our parks

LISTEN TO THE NEW SPACING RADIO PODCAST! While some parks are jam-packed with kids, dog walkers and seniors practicing Tai Chi, others... Read More

Mind the dou-dou-dou-door

The STM is introducing a tone to alert passengers before the metro doors close. This is meant to increase efficiency and ensure... Read More

To renew or not to renew

Je ne sais pas quoi faire. Renouveler ou ne pas renouveler mon abonnement BIXI. Et j’ai jusqu’au 31 juillet à prendre une décision... Read More

Photo du jour : Good question…

Scrawled on an STM info panel at the Pierrefonds/Roxboro train station: “Does anyone take this bus?” On a similar topic... Read More

SUMMER SHORTS PODCAST: Riding “the Clockwork Orange”

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