010: Walking, ‘Burbs, and East Coast Canada

Spacing Radio’s 10th episode takes listeners into the suburbs of Toronto and across the east coast of North America. Host David Michael Lamb discusses the recent Walk21 pedestrian conference in New York City with Spacing’s publisher Matthew Blackett. Spacing Radio’s newest correspondent, Monika Warzecha, sits down with the editors of Spacing’s newest blog, Spacing Atlantic (which officially launches October 28th in Halifax). Producer Mieke Anderson wanders the Toronto suburb of Willowdale where an amazing art installation on Leona Drive is challenging local residents to think critically about the neighbourhood’s disappearing bungalows. And John Sewell, former mayor of Toronto (1978-1980), provides us with a nuanced critique of Liberty Village, a re-development of a former industrial site west of Toronto’s downtown core.

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  1. Can someone update your iTunes feed please? This isn’t available on iTunes.

  2. Hi all —

    Yes, we’re still trying to figure out why the show sometimes doesn’t get fed into iTunes. We have communicated our concerns with them and have heard nothing in reply.

    We’re working on it. Sorry for the glitches.

    Matthew Blackett
    Spacing publisher

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