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009: City election outlook 2010

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The 2010 city election — only one year away — will have a tremendous impact on the future of Toronto. Mayor David Miller recently announced he won’t face the electorate again, so who will replace him? Spacing Radio host David Michael Lamb sat down with Glen Murray, one of the outsiders who many believe is already assembling a campaign team. DML also hosts a roundtable with Ed Keenan of Eye Weekly, Rob Granatstein of the Toronto Sun (editorial page editor) and Spacing publisher Matthew Blackett to discuss potential mayoral candidates from the left, centre and right of the political spectrum. The panel also discusses which issues will be on the top of voters minds. Spacing Radio producer Mieke Anderson profiles Dave Meslin and his Better Ballots initiative which aims to improve the process of how we elect Toronto’s government. This episode’s musical guest is Ohbijou, a band that can’t help but sing about Toronto.

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