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001: The pilot show with Ken Livingstone

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Welcome to Spacing Radio’s pilot show. In our first podcast our host David Michael Lamb jumps right into the thick of things with a sit-down interview with former London mayor Ken Livingstone. In early 2003, Red Ken ushered in a congestion charge for anyone driving into the core of London. It was a radical idea but something London needed to implement to remain a globally competitive city. What can Toronto and other cities learn from London’s experience? Livingstone gives us his insight.

You’ll also hear the opinions of regular Torontonians on road pricing.  Spacing publisher Matthew Blackett will drop by to fill you in on why Spacing has started a podcast show and what to expect in the upcoming issue of the magazine. And what would a radio show be like without music? Our featured Toronto band is The Bicycles.

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  1. I had heard a rumour about this show and I’m so glad it’s true! Great first show. I can’t wait to hear more.

    It was great to hear some of Livingstone’s suggestions including why he went with buses over LRT initially. I want Transit City bad, but maybe the TTC needs to pump those routes full of buses to give the impression more is coming.

    And I love The Bicycles, what a great Toronto band.

  2. Awesome stuff. Looking forward to upcoming episodes.

  3. Fantastic podcast, congratulations Spacing team. It’s great to see a Toronto podcast that so meaty on the issues. Perhaps for the on-the-street questions you could go beyond Kensington Market, I’m curious to hear what thoughts are in other neighborhoods and the suburbs.

    BTW, what’s the intro music composed of?

  4. Great high-profile figure for a first episode.

    I don’t like the little blippy music @ ~7:30

  5. Spacing is filling another void in Toronto’s media world. This is exactly what i was hoping someone would do for Toronto!

  6. Spacing,
    Congrats on the new platform, and best of luck with this new direction!

  7. Enjoyed the podcast – inspired idea. The interview with Livingstone was interesting, esp. with regards to buses vs. light rail.