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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

004: Toronto’s green dreams

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As Earth Day approaches, Spacing Radio sent host David Michael Lamb to sit down down and discuss Toronto’s sustainability ambitions with Mayor David Miller. While the mayor is hopeful that his eco agenda is working for Toronto, city hall observers like Katrina Miller of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) worry about the bureaucratic gridlock that is delaying much needed projects and initiatives. Spacing Radio reporter Megan Hall learns how the iconic wind turbine on the CNE grounds operates. All this, plus music by Final Fantasy.

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  1. Fascinating interviews. Would be interesting to compare the green agendas (and methods of implementation) of major N. American cities.

  2. Something seems to be screwy with the iTunes subscription. For whatever reason, Episode 4 does not appear available.

  3. is a great local resource for businesses in Toronto looking to integrate a green agenda into their business. It provides tangible ways to implement sustainable business strategies, and save money!