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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

017: City budgets, ferry rides and Olympic legacies

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It’s budget-time in Toronto and while City Hall is busy at work approving the final numbers, host David Michael Lamb sits down with Spacing contributing editor John Lorinc to talk about the pitfalls of having to pay the bills. Producer Mieke Anderson stows away with the crew of the Toronto Island Ferry Ongiara to discuss the realities of operating the ferry throughout the winter months and, in the process, discovers one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Meanwhile, nearly 3,500 km away in Vancouver, reporter Pattie Phillips visits the Olympics and takes a stroll with Erick Villagomez, editor of the online magazine re:place, to explore what these Winter Games will mean for the city and its urban landscape in the years to come.

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Photo by Miles Storey