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SUMMER SHORTS 011: Cyclist Bikelist

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Lights? Check. Pumped tires? Check. Helmet? Check.

Okay, so many of us don’t need to literally make a checklist every time we head off on our bicycles, but knowing how to dress appropriately, how to select a two-wheeler, as well as, some fun facts about the history of cycling can be key to a successful ride. And the younger we are when we learn these lessons the better.

Reporter Andrew Walsh met up with author Laura Robinson to discuss her new children’s book Cyclist Bikelist, featured in the Public Goods section of Spacing Magazine’s Summer 2010 issue. From coaching a mountain bike team for the kids from Chippewas of Nawash First Nations to simply watching children biking around her neighbourhood, the former member of Canada‚Äôs national cycling team offers us her insights and shares her hopes for the next generation.

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