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020: Empty Storefronts, street vendors, and cultural mapping

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On this episode of Spacing Radio producer Mieke Anderson takes you on a walk with Cindy Rozeboom through the east end of Toronto, along the Danforth, to explore the potential of empty storefronts. In other cities, street food is a major component of public life, but in Toronto food vendors don’t seem to get any respect from city hall, BIAs, and urban designers — reporter Pattie Phillips talks to Marianne Moroney of Toronto’s Street Food Vendors Association. The release of the new book “Rediscovering the Wealth of Places” examines cultural mapping and how it applies to cities. Reporter Sarah Bridge talks to the book’s author, Greg Baeker, about how we can all learn to appreciate and re-imagine local cultural assets. This episode’s musical guest is Toronto-based Heartbeat Hotel.

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Photo by Kevin Steele


One comment

  1. I am a huge fan of Spacing Radio, but unfortunately, I think your interview with Ms. Moroney shows how you can give overly favorable coverage to cause you are sympathetic to. It amounted to an audio press release, with not a difficult question to be found. 

    Isn’t this association just exhibiting classic regulatory capture, wanting to use the force of law to keep out competitors (unlicensed vendors / non-hot dog vendors) but benefit existing licensed vendors (notice requirements etc)? Whether or not you think that is true, showing some skepticism is part of good journalism. Make your guests defend their positions instead of assuming they are inherently correct.