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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

SPACING SHORTS 002: STEPS ft. David Anderson (Clay and Paper Theatre)

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Spacing Radio is very pleased to announce a partnership with The STEPS Initiative!

STEPS (Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space) is a national organization promoting the use of art to connect people with places, especially public spaces. STEPS is committed to enabling the use of art to challenge the ways in which public spaces are used, how citizens communicate on environmental issues, and the role of the artist in community development.

Since last summer, STEPS has been conducting interviews with artists, activists, and urban planners working in Canada’s public spaces. Through this series we bring you some of the highlights. This week, we shine the spotlight on Sheetal Lodhia’s interview with Toronto-based artist David Anderson. She caught up with the founder and artistic director of Clay and Paper Theatre in Dufferin Grove Park.

Links from Spacing Shorts 002:

Image courtesy of Clay & Paper Theatre / CYCLOPS