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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

SPACING SHORTS 004: STEPS ft. Emily Rose Michaud (Sprout Out Loud!)

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There are few urban advocates standing up for the vacant lot — an increasingly endangered species in many cities, as condos and other new developments spring up at a breakneck pace.

In this post, Spacing Radio — in partnership with The STEPS Initiative — brings you an interview with Montreal-based artist Emily Rose Michaud. Emily is a founding member of the gardening collective Sprout Out Loud! (a.k.a. Le Pouvoir Aux Pousses!), which created the site-specific  project on a vacant lot in Montreal’s Mile End. The city-owned green space is one of the last undeveloped spots in the neighborhood.

Since last summer, STEPS has been conducting interviews with artists, activists, and urban planners working in Canada’s public spaces. Through this series we bring you some of the highlights. Thanks to STEPS volunteer Rebecca MacDonald for conducting this interview!

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