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Copenhagen’s amazing new flip-book mural

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If you have ever doodled on each page of a notepad to create an elaborate do-it-yourself animation, then you will love this mural in Copenhagen.

The mural is being dubbed as the longest piece of street art in the world, and uses an eye-tricking technique called “In/Between”. The grey scale mural shows a deer running through the woods, and is best viewed from the cars passing by.

Artist Hyuro won the job in Denmark after beating out 139 other artists in an international competition.

Via Atlantic Cities

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  1. I’ve seen this done in subways (unofficially, I think) – so that as you look out the subway window you seem to see something moving. That’s definitely something we should explore doing. Probably safer than doing it for cars – we don’t necessarily want to have drivers looking at the art at the side of the road while they drive!