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Affordable housing or a recipe for claustrophobia? Canadian company developing $28,000 ‘micro home’

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Home ownership financially out of reach? A Vancouver-based company is planning a 100-square-foot solution: the Nomad Micro Home.

Presently seeking funding to construct and test prototypes through an Indiegogo campaign, Nomad is hoping to sell a fully functional house for $28,000.

The proposed micro-home would come¬†with many of the amenities you’d expect to find in a regular house. A propane stove, electric fridge, flush toilet, shower, and sink would all be included in the pod-like structure, which Nomad plans to ship to buyers unassembled as a flat-pack.

To keep inhabitants warm, the micro home would feature a propane forced-air heating system.

A uniquely integrated staircase built into the kitchen’s countertop and shelving would lead to the second-floor bedroom.

Additionally, Nomad plans to offer a stripped-down version (without a bathroom or appliances) for $25,000 that could be used as a guest house or an extra room. A host of optional add-ons for the micro homes including solar panels, a wooden deck and a rainwater collector are also in the works.

Individual micro homes can be put together as modules to create multi-roomed structures.

image courtesy Nomad Micro Homes

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  1. It seems fairly clear from your piece that “buying a house for $28,000” doesn’t mean quite what buying a house usually means, i.e. including the land it’s standing on. Someone would also have to buy a lot and get it assembled on that lot.